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One of the many reasons that International Antiaging Systems is among our favourite clients is that the team always has something innovative for us to write about.  We’ve been helping to research and write the copy across a range of health issues  — from postnatal nutrition to brain-enhancing supplements. 

The brief

To craft well-researched, engagingly-written articles that capture the target IAS demographic: intelligent, informed and health-conscious individuals who are invested in their wellbeing and want access to high-quality supplements.

The basics

We start by doing our research, and lots of it, and then use what we’ve discovered to deliver insightful articles that provide real value to readers and maintain the reputation of IAS as an industry-leading brand.

The best bits

Along the way, we’ve found out all sorts of interesting facts about health and nutrition — for instance, did you know that juggling is good for your brain or that the human body requires more than 50 essential nutrients? It’s great fun and educational too.

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As always thanks for turning my brief brief into something awesome.
— Marketing Manager, Antiaging Nutrition

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