Healthy and wise

Working with one of the world’s leading suppliers of longevity supplements and specialist medicines, we provided International Antiaging Systems (IAS) with a comprehensive series of articles on categories of drugs and health conditions.

Building into an A to Z reference guide,  the series of articles featured an overview of drug types and health conditions and the common treatments associated with them.


The brief

Help position IAS as a trusted authority for specialist supplements and medicines through a series of helpful and educational articles.

The basics

Research and write a series of more than 100 articles on common drug categories and health conditions, aimed at a well informed target audience and incorporating a series of keywords

The best bits

Cutting through complex medical information and research to deliver clear information on common types of drugs and health conditions.

What I value most about the Rocksalt team is the way they get under the skin of the projects I bring them. This translates into both useful insights at a strategic level, and excellent attention to detail in the copy itself.
— Nick James, Marketing Manager, International Antiaging Systems

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