YouTube gives you great scope to create a rocking channel, and these are just some of our suggestions to get you on your way. 


Give your YouTube channel some love

A channel boasting only the default 'recent uploads' section is a rather lonely, drafty place to be. If you already have some videos on your channel, you can start finessing. If you don't have content, talk to us about how video might fit in with your broader content marketing strategy. 

1. Organise your channel

Enhance your channel with categorised sections that are relevant to what your audience needs (not your organisational structure). Previously, you could set up your sections based on tags you had attributed to a video, but changes to the platform mean you now need to create specific playlists. 

Find out how to set up your own channel sections.

2. Get the look

Let the people know what you're all about with a channel graphic and custom video thumbnails (no you don't have to use YouTube's default thumbnails).

Get started with channel art

3. Create a style guide

Ensure consistency of titles and descriptions across your whole channel with your own in-house style guide. Make sure that titles clearly explain what the video is about (which will help usability and search). 

Learn more about style guides

4. Provide informative descriptions

Give people a snapshot of what to expect from your video, and make sure the description matches the content. If it's relevant, include additional short links to material relating to the video.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you create content that makes an impact. See our recent refresh to the Antiaging Systems YouTube channel.

Banner image: YouTube Generation by jonsson is licenced under CC BY 2.0

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