Our series of tips on how to polish up your content is here to help (you're welcome).

But what's that? Your online copy doesn’t need buffing at all? It’s shipshape and shiny and ready to read already? Nice one.

Well then, why not use your email signature to promote your latest blog post, article or news update to your contacts?

Alternatively, add a link to your mailing list signup form. This is a great way to engage more broadly with the people who are already talking to you on email. It’s an opportunity for a call to action, to highlight how you can help, and to introduce a little tone of voice.

Add links to your signature to increase engagement

An interior decorator, for example, might say:
“<Sign up to my mailing list> to receive regular style updates.”

At Rocksalt, we might go more for:
“<Join our mailing list> and you’re destined for web content greatness”

(The words in < > denote where you'd add your hyperlink).

Then, you can also enhance the whole relationship with a fabulous first impression for your subscribers.

Promoting your brand via your email signature can become a powerful part of your broader content strategy to increase brand awareness and build a following for content that people might not otherwise know you have.

Just keep in mind that if you go with your latest blog post in your signature, remember to update it regularly (which means having a plan for fresh content).

Buff up your content

At Rocksalt we're on a mission to shine the web's words, buffing up content into sparkling stories that engage and inspire your readers. 

Why not put our copywriting skills to the test? Buff Up Your Content today.

Image: Signature by Sebastien Wiertz is licensed under CC BY 2.0
AuthorKate Watson