At Rocksalt, we talk a lot about how we can connect you to your audience. But what does that really mean?

Empathy plays a big role. Sometimes, though, empathy can be a big ask. 


Empathy starts with a cheese sandwich

I've been thinking about a situation where I really struggled to muster a shred of empathy and understanding. I was out with a good friend in the park — one of the Rocksalt team no less — when she swiped a cheese sandwich from a group of happy picnickers and troughed it down in one.

It was a full-on cheddar gorge experience that left a chasm in my ability to empathise. Mortified, I could only apologise on my teammate's behalf, and try and see it from her perspective. She was hungry and cheese sandwiches are tasty stuff. Especially if you're a dog.

Taking a stretch from the office with our team pooch, Lulu, the poodle, had tested my empathy skills to barking point. I have eventually come round to appreciating her as a loyal and enthusiastic member of the Rocksalt team, though have to admit that her writing skills are beyond buffing. Just too many shaggy dog stories.  

The whole experience brought home the importance of empathy and how it is essential to building strong relationships, whether with dogs or humans.

My 4 audience connection tips

  1. Home in on your audience and see it from their perspective
    This can be equally challenging and rewarding. I find it's always a good starting place when I'm buffing up some content
  2. Think of your audience as a single person and communicate with them as an individual
    This helps me to get in the empathy zone, and hopefully build some rapport and engagement.
  3. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of personality and real life experience — including the not-so-good stuff
    Your personality creates a sense of authenticity and helps build trust. It's the next best thing to the human touch, which we're all trying to emulate in the digital world. 
  4. Appreciate people's frustrations and pain points (nobody likes losing a cheese sandwich)
    Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can be really powerful. It helps to shape content that really connects by solving problems and meeting needs — which is what it's all about.
"It's good old empathy that helps build a strong rapport and lasting client relationships." — Tweet this.

By considering these four things about your audience, you'll create relevant, believable and helpful content that says far more about your customers than it ever says about you. Job done.

Buff up your content

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Image: Super Misto Frio by Marcelo Braga is licensed under CC BY 2.0
AuthorPaul Nolan