Harnessing the power of video

As part of an ongoing content strategy support, we worked with the International Antiaging Systems (IAS) team to segment its YouTube channel in a more dynamic and informative way.

The brief

To provide people with an easier way to access key information on the IAS YouTube channel.

From information about the company and its products, to insights from experts in the field of anti-ageing and longevity, we aimed to point people in the right direction with thoughtfully categorised sections. 

The basics

  • Analysing existing video copy
  • Creating core categories aligned to user needs and existing content
  • Reviewing statistics to promote prominent videos
  • Refining titles for SEO and usability
  • Creating channel segments.

The best bits

With just a little bit of planning, the Antiaging Systems YouTube channel was completely transformed into a more streamlined, dynamic page that has already seen an increase in subscribers as a result of the changes. 

We had lots of new subscribers over the weekend, so it’s obviously working.
— Nick James, Marketing Manager

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