As part of our ongoing content delivery and strategy with specialist health supplement supplier,  Antiaging Nootropics, we produced  a series of infographics aimed at their core US audience.

I’ve just gone through everything and it’s brilliant, pitch perfect and really absorbing. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s the most interesting campaign we’ve ever tried. So thanks very much for all the thought and effort that’s gone into working it all out.
— Nick James, Marketing Manager

The brief

In line with the company's "Noo"vember campaign, we were asked to create infographic content that related to the products in a way that appealed to a broad, and potentially new, audience. 

The basics

As a team, our first steps were brainstorming concepts that we felt created an interesting narrative within the larger company story. 

From there,  we set about researching the facts and pulling together the tale based on memory statistics.  

The best bits

Infographics are always fun. Not only does the output create a visually appealing, easily digestible, and sharable piece of web content, but there's a great sense of satisfaction that comes from researching and finding the right angle to get the message across in this format. 

AuthorRocksalt Team