Just a quick note to say ‘thank you very much!’ for Tuesday – it was a really great evening. Let’s meet-up soon and discuss possibilities.

Our journey to launching this website has been an adventure that began in August 2012, when our website hosted on the Wordpress platform was hacked. As a result, we lost visibility of our online presence (unless you knew our URL), and we reverted to a static site as an interim measure.

If you’ve ever tried, you’ll know that there’s nothing fun about managing content for consistency on every individual page of your website -- we even had to make do with temporarily putting a static Twitter ‘feed’ in place purely from an aesthetic viewpoint (yes, we had to hard code it on every page, and when I later found a spelling mistake in one of the tweets, I had to update 20+ pages).

I’d be understating it if I said that finding a new sturdy content management platform (Squarespace) and someone to work with to help with the design and layout (Steve Williams) was a relief. It was with a lease of new life that we toiled for months on the content, design, and producing the company video as we prepared to launch.

Core elements of a successful website launch

I got a lot of satisfaction from the diverse amount of skills that I used to help launch the website. I wrote copy, I briefed designers, I coded CSS, I liaised with our video producer, I project managed, and I asked the right questions about cPanel and ANAME Records.

One of the key aspects of successfully launching the new Rocksalt website, like any good goal, was to articulate a time frame and commit to the deadline. Once we’d set a date, and arranged the party, the website was going to have to go live.

And go live it went. Cutting it fine changing the DNS settings less than 24 hours before the party (you should really give it 72 hours), the website was ready for viewing at our launch party.

Hosted at ClubWorkspace Kennington, we celebrated with clients, co-workspace members, and friends. As the wine flowed, and the canapés diminished, we enjoyed a relaxed and informal presentation of our hard work.


AuthorKate Watson