Push the button

Extending the viewing experience with red button content for UKTV was all about entertaining ideas and snappy content. We produced a range of tightly written news, features and quizzes themed around UKTV shows.

The brief

Pitch interactive content ideas aligned to the UKTV schedule. Research and write content, formatted for interactive TV.

The basics

  • Generating content ideas
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Formatting for upload to CMS.


The best bits

Watching TV at work (for research!) without having to feel guilty.
Creating fun content to improve the viewing experience.

Project content themes

  • A feature on the world’s best beaches to fit with travel programmes (see example copy)
  • A look at British office life to run alongside the hit comedy The Office
  • An insight into the history of Australia’s flying doctors, providing an interactive element to a series about their work.
Mouldy Relic: ‘Mould is synonymous with ancient relics, but one particular lump has become a valuable antique in its own right. The mould, used by Sir Alexander Fleming in his quest to discover penicillin, was snapped up for more than £8,000 following a sale of medical instruments at Christie’s’.
— UKTV Interactive: Weird Antiques