With the web, you really do have to be more succinct. You haven’t got much time to engage with people. I think being a small creative team has real benefits. We’re very flexible, very agile.

We don’t come with any preconceived ideas. We see that as an asset.
— Paul Nolan, Director

Karen Byrne, Strategy 

My background’s in branding. I’ve worked for agencies for nearly 20 years now. From FMCG, big clients, like Nestle, brands like Cow & Gate through to corporate clients -- banks and cement people -- all sorts of interesting different people.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business we’re talking to. It could be a huge corporate client with thousands of employees; it could be one-man band with an interesting start up.

Paul Nolan, Creative Lead

We actually relish working with different industries. We have written on lots of different subjects across lots of different sectors, different industries.

We’ve got our core team, plus a network of highly experienced writers that have a real expertise in lots of different subject areas.

Kate Reid, Content and Marketing 

I love writing because it’s just a sense of freedom and it’s always been a really big part of my life. I love the freedom and flexibility that I have to think strategically, to think creatively and to write.


I like to know who is it we’re trying to speak to. Is it grandma booking a flight, is it mum looking for information, is it the new graduate trying to find out ‘what’s this company about? Where am I going to work?’ 

I want to understand them as real people and make sure that we direct our content to real people’s needs.

We’re really aware that you can buy words by the yard these days. But that’s not what we’re about.


Usability is a really broad field online but it transcends everything. Usable content is about writing for people and how they would actually read on the web. For me, it’s always been about digital copywriting and being able to express in words what people need on the web. 


One of the key skills, I think, for writing, is to be a good listener. Just looking for that angle really, something unusual and something unique that can bring that story to life.

Make video part of your content strategy


If you want to engage an audience, people really want to see and experience the people at the heart of the business or at the heart of a story and video really captures that in a very effective way.

Technology that’s available today means that a very small core team can produce video to a very high standard. They can work in a very agile, very flexible, very cost-effective way.


We bring something that’s different, which is understanding the needs of our clients and the people they want to talk to and then connecting in a meaningful and original way.


There’s so much content out there. We’re almost swimming in a sea of content. And we’re all about quality that really helps you to cut through, make an impression, and really reach the right people. 

AuthorRocksalt Team