BT’s Sphere website provided a window to the future and emerging technologies. Working in close collaboration with the company’s global research and development HQ at Adastral Park, we researched a range of feature articles for the high tech site.

From collaborative work with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to take artificial intelligence beyond the realms of science fiction, to nurturing entrepreneurial talent from BT's own people, we had it covered.


The brief

Research and write a series of feature-length articles on BT’s innovations and emerging technologies.

The basics

  • Interviews
  • Feature writing
  • Editing
  • Copy approval

The best bits

Showcasing the breadth of BT’s cutting edge R&D to a non-technical, consumer audience. Read a BT Sphere article.

Brightstar aims to get the best high tech business ideas from its own people off the ground and provide value worth at least £100 million within three years.
— Brightstar: Homing in on the stars
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