We're excited to announce this month's winners of our Word Love competition. Thanks to everyone who has submitted their favourite word.

Winner, Fiona, will receive a Nine Magic Cake Set from Konditor & Cook, London, and Runner Up, Jess, will receive a fancy 'glug' waterbottle.

These words and why our winners love them will feature throughout the month on Word Love Wednesday. Follow along on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter (#wordlove).

Please note that if your word didn't win this month, it's still in the running, and you can enter as many times as you like

Word love,

Rocksalt Copy Creatives

Winner Word Meaning Why they love it so
Fiona Tucker, Winner Visceral Relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect. "Because it makes you feel on the inside what the word actually describes: coming from strong emotions and not from logic or reason ; felt as if in the internal organs of the body. I love it when words sound or make you feel what the word actually means. Also, have you HEARD Leonardo DiCaprio say the word (hint: The Beach)? Yeesh. He's never made any other word sound so sexy, and, well, visceral."
Jess Paz Jones, Runner Up Amalgamate Combine or unite to form one organization or structure. ”It looks awkward and complex at first glance, but it has smooth pronunciation and rolls off the tongue. When I use it, I can mentally picture the letters coming together, epitomising its definition.”
Sam Lobster, Honourable Mention Superfluous Unnecessary, especially through being more than enough. ”The word itself feels uncessessary... all four if its glorious syllables!”
Charles Hylton-Potts, Honourable Mention Indeed Used to emphasize a description. ”It is very adaptable when it comes to emphasis in both serious and amusing ways.”
Alex Stevenson, Honourable Mention Crepuscular (Of an animal) appearing or active in twilight. ”It's technical and evocative! It makes me think of creepy little critters skittering into the twilight.”
AuthorRocksalt Team