Getting great content to its audience

Angela was doing a fantastic job of keeping her beautiful website up to date with interior styling ideas and advice. So why was she struggling for leads? With a few well-chosen tweaks, we worked her website up the rankings in a matter of weeks.

The challenge

First job, to work out why a great website that was being regularly updated with shareable content was nowhere in the interior design hit parade. We started with the numbers — page views, bounce rates, session length  — anything we could get our hands on.

The approach

We decided on a two-pronged attack. First, we made it easy for Google to see what Angela does and where she works. Then we improved bounce rates and grew session length by allowing visitors to see at a glance how Angela's talents can transfer to their own home.

The result

After two or three nail-biting weeks watching the site creep slowly up the rankings, there came a tipping point. Suddenly, Angela was much easier to find, both in results and on the map, and her phone started to ring. Angela is very pleased with the result; "Thanks guys, you rock!"

AuthorRocksalt Team
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