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We really appreciate all your hard work, patience and support in this project. Thanks a lot!
— Amazon Team, Luxembourg

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We work with Amazon teams from across the UK, Europe and the US, putting our skills to the test to deliver content that hits home every time. Rocksalt has become a trusted content partner for the online giant, bringing our creative copy and editorial insight to Amazon’s mission to endlessly delight their customers.

Since 2015, we’ve been crafting compelling copy for a huge range of projects: from Amazon’s very own Baby Book and UK internal magazine, Smile, to on-brand content, slogans and taglines for Amazon's own products and services. We’ve also turned our talents to video content, writing and editing scripts, storyboarding animations and managing projects from concept to final delivery with our creative partners.

With so many projects on the go at any one time, working with Amazon has proved remarkably rewarding - take a look at our portfolio for a taste of what we’ve been up to.

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